Over my 51 years I haven’t spent much time in the hospital and I’m happy about that. My recent stay at Portland’s Providence Hospital was a lesson in the importance of professionals that truly enjoy their jobs. If your going to spend some time in a hospital it might as well be with nice people taking care of you. They did not disappoint, Jill, Patrick, Kayla and Tony were simply wonderful. When they have to take care of people it’s usually when their clients aren’t in the best of moods, I tried to remember this and be thankful for all their efforts. I think they were blessed as well.

I’m thankful for Dr. Goslin & Clair Cross our professional guides through this battle and for the encouragement to go ahead with this latest procedure. After a couple of days I believe it will make a big difference with quality of life and even outlook on life, after all quality often impacts outlook or should anyway.

I’m learning the language of comfort. Secretly I think I’ve known the language for quite some time but may not have exercised it as much as I should have. The Bible calls God the great God of all comfort. I felt Him by my side every minute, doing what He does, comforting me in my weakness, holding my life in a His hands – it’s a comforting place to be. So in speaking the language, I’m just doing what He does for me to others, not so hard.

Happy, thank you Pharrell Williams for writing a happy fun song. I love watching my grandson dance when play it for him, it turns up the joy in my heart for life and those I love. As hope springs eternal, let’s love, comfort and be happy every minute we have.