The close of another year. I learned a lot about life, love, health care, and experienced a multitude of new depths – both lovely and difficult. This has been a year of transition to dependency in almost everything. Humbling for sure, but also thankful for those who serve with care and compassion, my heroes. My best friend and love of my life has been forced into this role and I am amazed at the beauty of Gods grace on her. Bo is amazing. Watching her adjust to new challenges and take them on knowing its out of her comfort zone shows the depths of her character and love. I sure married over my head and blessed.

2014 was pretty stormy but full of grace. What will 15 bring? Not sure I’m brave enough to answer that question quite yet, but this I know. Each day I will live on purpose and depend on Jesus to give me the strength to carry on. Andre Crouch said, “through it all, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus.” Bo and I have both grown by leaps and bounds in our trust of Him. Everyday and at times every minute we rely on Him to bring us through. How faithful he is to meet us in every moment.

I’m at peace this first day of 2015, crystal clear day reminds me of the clarity you have in life when Jesus is at the wheel and life has purpose. Contentment is great gain in our crazy world, found in a life leaning on Jesus.

Bless you friends – make 2015 a year of peace.